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Dear IAWJ members,

It is very hot in Washington but your IAWJ staff is working away on your behalf! There are few items we would like to share with you.

First, we share some sad and disturbing news. Three IAWJ members were victims of violence during the month of June. Two young and newly graduated women judges were the victims of a suicide bomber outside the court complex in Kabul, Afghanistan. They are: Judge Zarghona Azadzoi of the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court and Judge Meena Shinwari of the Civil and Public Rights Division of the Supreme Court. Although they were not targeted because they were women, and there were other victims as well, the courts themselves were targeted. We raise the two women up as IAWJ members who were at the very beginning of their careers as judges under very difficult circumstances. Yet, they chose this profession in spite of the personal and professional challenges they would face.

The IAWJ has been working with the women judges of Afghanistan since 2003. Their numbers have grown since then and some have served as chief judges of their respective courts, though there are still none on the Supreme Court of their country. The IAWJ helped them form the Afghan Women Judges Association in 2004; it was disbanded in 2007 by the Supreme Court and finally reestablished in 2012. Throughout this time, the women judges have continued their work, day by day, knowing that there are those who are trying to undermine the entire system of justice as well as the participation of the women judges in it. Those of us who have worked personally with the Afghan judges, and those who know of them, respect and admire their dedication and their courage to continue to work every day to bring equality and justice for all in their country.

We also share with you the violent death of Brazilian Judge Glauciane Chaves de Mello, a victim of domestic violence – something we know continues to exist worldwide and something the IAWJ continues to work on daily in our many programs. Judge Chaves de Mello was killed by her former husband, in her own office at Court in the Alto Taquari district in the state of Mato Grosso on June 7, 2013. She first started her career as a teacher and professor, and then she began the study of law. After years of hard work, she was appointed to the bench in 2012 and thus, she too was a judge at the start of her career in the judiciary.

For these three judges and women worldwide, we will continue to dedicate our efforts to stop violence against women in all its forms around the world.

Happier news is that IAWJ programming and networking continues in many parts of the world.

  • Two more regional meetings were very successfully held – the Asia-Pacific Regional meeting hosted by the New Zealand Association of Women Judges on May 9-12 in Auckland, and the Africa Regional Meeting, hosted by the National Association of Women Judges-Nigeria on June 26-29 in Abuja. IAWJ members from across these regions, and even beyond, enjoyed stimulating meetings and wonderful networking.
  • A number of IAWJ members were invited to participate and to give presentations at the recent “Judicial Dialogue on HIV, Human Rights and the Law in Asia and the Pacific”, co-sponsored by UNAIDS, the UN Development Program, and the International Commission of Jurists held in Bangkok, Thailand on June 2-4, 2013. As IAWJ Executive Director, I was asked by UNAIDS Geneva to serve in an advisory capacity in planning the Dialogue and I was pleased to help identify IAWJ members from selected countries in the region to participate. Beyond the important focus of the meeting, this was also a great opportunity for IAWJ members to network and to introduce others to the IAWJ.
  • Plans for IAWJ’s 12th Biennial Conference 2014 in Arusha, Tanzania continue! Some members have already booked their hotel rooms and air travel and are exploring pre- and post-conference safaris. Financial arrangements are being finalized with appropriate entities and TAWJA and the IAWJ are working hard on all aspects of the conference. Registration will begin on the IAWJ website in September so check the IAWJ website for continuing updates and information! From what we are hearing, we anticipate a terrific turnout from members all over the world. Plan now – it will be great!
  • We are also delighted to announce that at its meeting in May 2013, the IAWJ Board of Directors selected the host association and site for the IAWJ’s 13th Biennial International Conference in 2016. It will held in Washington, DC, USA and hosted by the National Association of Women Judges (USA). Dates will be confirmed. It is exciting that the IAWJ will be coming back to the country of its birth. The IAWJ looks forward to working with the NAWJ as we begin planning even now for 2016. So put this in your plans and join us in our home city of Washington!

Everyone at the IAWJ offices joins me in sending our greetings to you! We look forward to hearing from you at any time. We have been working on new proposals and programs that we hope will be finalized soon. Please send us ideas and opportunities you might like to share with us, and keep us informed of all your own news too.

Warm regards to all,


Joan D. Winship
Executive Director
International Association of Women Judges